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Email: j.ecau@citi.ac.ug

Phone: +256 783707348


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  • MSc, BSc Geosciences
  • 10 Years experience in Oil and gas, mining and Geotechnical Investigations
  • Hiking, Coding, Rafting
  • GIS and Remote Sensing, Oil and Gas Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering
  • Applied GIS, Site Investigations, Hazard mapping, Oil and gas Engineering

James Ecau has diverse experience from his natural niche as geoscientist having worked as a mining and exploration geologist in East Africa, a Petroleum Geologist/ Engineer with experiences both in Africa and abroad. He also has a wealth of experience in site investigations as a geotechnical engineer with particular focus on foundation stability in relation with soils and rock mechanics. He is currently employed as a Petroleum Geologist by the Government of Uganda.

Alongside his technical skills he also brings on board a wealth of managerial experience having founded the CITI-Institute. He has a psssion for R&D and skills-centric approach to learning to advance and improve the social well-being of humanity.